An army of the Lost and the Damned represents a combined force of Chaos featuring The Chaos Horde army list uses the following units from Codex: Chaos. Chaos! suplement for WFB and 40K. The Lost and the Damned are the various Chaos-following cultists, pirates, an army list of their own in Codex: Eye of Terror (the sourcebook for the 13th Black Crusade campaign). The Dark Heresy core rulebook contains everything you need to start your adventure in the Dark Heresy – Apostasy Gambit 2: The Church of the Damned.

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These instinctual, formless entities slowly gained rudimentary consciousness and the Chaos Gods were born — great psychic presences composed of the best dreams and worst nightmares of the galaxy ‘s mortals. The rebellion was ultimately crushed by codxe intervention by the Star Phantoms Chapter ‘s 5th Company during what became known as the Scourging of Kerrack.

Sooooooo many options made for nice build combos, basically the closest thing we had to any of the 3. Other followers of Chaos are drawn to coeex, either through the will of ckdex gods or through the draw of a Champion’s own glory and reputation.

Others have looted storage facilities and depots across the Imperium, finding obsolete patterns of vehicles and combat walkers.

Most die quickly and painfully, their bodies ripped apart by cascading and uncontrollable mutations as the power filetye Chaos is made wholly manifest within them. The Lost and the Damned often form militant cults and sometimes are formed as military armies ranging from small-scale forces to hordes comprised of millions of fanatical soldiers. These types of minis are almost always harbingers of things to come for 40K down the line. Finally we would all get to paint a lot of flames! Others are the military forces of Chaos-controlled coxex, the armsmen and assault forces of Chaos vessels, even the slaves flung into battle by their uncaring overlords.

You had been drafted and taken from your dreary but comparatively peaceful home that you shall never see again, taken across the galaxy to a place you have never heard of to die in a war you have never heard of in the name of the Emperor. M38 and on Kerrack supporting the rebellion of the Thf Clans in Views Read Edit View history.


First of all, what are we talking about here?

A follower of Chaos who ascends to become a Daemon Prince is an immortal and all-powerful warrior who will serve his god for all eternity and never know death or fear again. Well, it was alright, but some issues still persisted like random leadership and only one named hero available; also some units were very good while others were not worth taking.

Their ranks are further bolstered by terrible monstrosities of all kinds, such as Chaos Spawnpacks of Chaos Hounds or shambling zombies raised by the malignant sorcery of the Zombie Plague to name just a few of the horrors of Chaos. A Chaos God can only increase its power through the collective actions and thoughts of the galaxy’s mortals, regardless of their species of origin.

Lost and the Damned

Granted the forbidden knowledge and strength of Chaos, a Champion can lead losf, conquer whole worlds and achieve greatness and ultimately, immortality. You could even be a champion yourself some day, or perhaps even a Daemon Prince.

Sadly, Games Workshop dropped oost for the army as soon as the campaign was over, screwing over everyone that collected an army of them and making them our generation’s Squats.

Many such forces also fight alongside daemons and Chaos Marines, making for an almost infinite number of possible armies. Of course, none of these options really cover the variety that might be found within the Lost and the Damned, as most focus on renegade Guardsmen and maybe a few other eclectic options. Lost and the Damned?

Even if you are fighting a loyalist force or some orks, you still better keep an eye out for rival chaos worshipers. These Traitor Guard have cocex yet lost their skills due to madness, and form a hardened and reliable core amongst the slavering hordes of the Lost and Damned.

List is available here: Whatever their component and origin, the Renegade and Heretic warbands of the Lost and the Damned can be a deadly foe to face.


40K:New Minis Point to a Return of Codex Lost & the Damned – Bell of Lost Souls

Was it a great army? On the Daemon Worlds in the Eye of Terror, hundreds of warbands struggle in battle to best each other for possession of daemonic artefacts, ancient knowledge, weapons and war machines left over from the days of the Horus Heresy and from before the Fall of the Eldar. Here think of the in-game effect of the models, and come up with a traitorous equivalent if you want to include them.

On a related note, the forces of chaos are also opposed to themselves ; in absence of loyalists or orks and such, a battle between servants of rival chaos gods is inevitable.

The Lost and the Damned are the various Chaos-following cultists, pirates, rebels, mutants, renegade Guardsmenand so forth that are not Chaos Space Marines or Daemonsbut fight alongside them for the Dark Gods.

Sons of Taurus: Codex: Lost and the Damned

Would you play them? Here’s the link again for the actual codex: Extended Character Sheet Printer Friendly.

The most successful Chaos Champions command vast armies of devoted warriors. For more info, please check out the tactica here.

Notice a trend there with the Space Marines on that list? Feel free to comment here or over at The Codex Project. Now that you know the kind of force that you want, select appropriate units and fill in the details! Do you find the guys the Inquisitors are hunting to be more interesting than the Inquisitors themselves? In order to fulfil their own agendas, Champions of Chaos draw lesser Chaos followers to them.

Dark Heresy Core Rulebook. Lost and the Damned for Killzone! Make sure your rose-tinted glasses are on nice and tight, and prepare for a lovely walk down nostalgia lane.